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The Urban Roots:

Connoisseurs of musical fusion and purveyors of the finest visuals this side of the twenty first century...



Music Production:

Amid studio sessions, remixes and video productions for other artists and producers, The Urban Roots have been mixing their blend of Funky Roots, Trip-Hop, Reggae, Dub, Soul and Ska inna Electonica style for the past decade.


Along the way they have worked and collaborated with Brinsley Forde (ex Aswad), Horace Andy (Massive Attack), Mikey Dread (The Dread at the Controls, The Clash) Neville Staple (The Specials), Ronnie Drew, Maxine Peake, Robbie Valentine, Chris Bowsher (RDF) Steve Swann (RDW), Katie Holmes (Prof Green, Lilly Allen, Gnarls Barkley, Craig David) The 40ft Gentlemen, Tripswitchers, Isomeric, Vivian Jones, Jah Lance, Mosienko Project as well as sessions in Jamaica with Professor Frisky, Braveheart, Barrington Turner, Ras Irie and Ras Igel.


Currently working on the debut album from Noella and an EP from Lucy Rae.



Video Production:

Amongst various music videos and festival videos they are currently working on the Dub Pistols documentary, 'What Could Possibly Go Wrong' and a documentary for the Jack Ratts.




On a visual tip they have worked with Dreadzone, The Dub Pistols, Zion Train, Pama International, Pheonix City All-Stars and Dub the Earth to name a few.




They've done tech sessions for Madonna and looked out for the likes of Steve Winwood, James Towler, Spike Stent, Simon Osborne, Imogen Heap and numerous artists, bands, sound-engineers and producers. 



Something Smells A Little Bit Funky....

A promo we produced for our mates featuring the track "Something smells a little bit funky" by The Urban Roots.

Carl Wilson Skool of Photography from Roots Reality Music on Vimeo.

Legalize Freedom - A little taster of the new album...

Brigadista Reprise...

Brigadista Reprise - The Urban Roots feat. Maxine Peake

The IBMT are about to release a CD single featuring Billy Bragg's great version of Jarama Valley whilst Maxine Peake features on The Urban Roots track Brigadista Reprise.


The IBMT keeps alive the memory and spirit of the anti-fascist volunteers from Britain and Ireland who defended democracy in Spain during the civil war of 1936-39. The IBMT organises commemorative and educational events, looks after the many memorials to the volunteers around the British Isles, encourages academic and family research and publishes a lively and informative newsletter. To find out more and to join the IBMT, visit the trust’s website (


International Brigade Memorial Trust


Just Another Step...

Just Another Step - The Urban Roots feat Mikey Dread

The Urban Roots have just completed a track for a compilation album supporting Multiple Sclerosis entitled M.R.I  -  MUSICAL ROOTS INITIATIVE

We dug through the archives and selected a track that featured Mikey Dread. Sadly it was never completed / released due to his sad and untimely passing in 2008. So we reworked it from scratch especially for the M.R.I album. The album is available in the early part of 2012 and available on iTunes. Other artists on the album are:

Ultramorphic,  Trancient Dreams,  Subsonar,  Mosienko Project,  DumBass,  Robbie Valentine,  Dubmatix,  Zion Train,  Dubsalon,  Dubzonic as well as The Urban Roots.
Well worth purchasing to help the cause...

NEW ALBUMS for 2014


The new album Legalize Freedom from The Urban Roots due for release in the spring of 2014. The album finds The Urban Roots hooking up with old friends and collaborators Brinsley Forde, Horace Andy, Robbie Valentine, Chris Bowsher, Jah Lance, Maxine Peake, and the late great Ronnie Drew and Mikey Dread. They all take up vocal duties in their own formidable style to great effect. The album offers social commentary on the current social and political climate to a fusion of trip-hop, reggae, dub and electronica. 


New Albums for 2014


This Time Its Personal - The Urban Roots. Due for release in late summer 2014

. An album of smoove grooves and funky soulful tracks on a retro tip. It is the perfect tonic for kicking back and chilling out to.


Alongside original cuts from The Urban Roots, the album also features collaborations and remixes for the 40ft Gentlemen, Workshop and Isomeric amongst others. The album takes you on a laid back journey of funky soul fused tunes mixed with reggae, ska and a drop of folk.